Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon

If you love a cat-friendly cozy, this new cozy series from Leann Sweeney is a real treat.  In The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon, the 4th book in the Cats in Trouble series, Jillian Hart was a widow who created quilts for cats and lived with three of her own. But when she was tangled up into another murder mystery, it was messy like a runaway ball of knotted yarn. It all started with a car crash, when her boyfriend Tom ended up injured and his stepson from his previous marriage had gotten concussed from the same crash. Out of the woodwork, Tom's half-brother was lurking around and other surprises were in store for them, like his estranged ex-wife and secrets about her first marriage. Jillian and her cats were stuck in the middle, when they needed to separate the lies from the truth and fact from fiction. Before she knew it, they were trapped until the real motive comes out in the end. This is an enjoyable read.

I always enjoyed a cozy featuring cats and other family-friendly pets. Cats are amazing creatures of habit and loving family members. I became intrigued with Jillian's quilting and became fascinated with her caring nature to Tom's step-son. I think I see a relationship  blooming in the future between the two of them. I didn't like his half-brother or ex-wife either. They rubbed me the wrong way and left me feeling cold and empty. But you did feel genuinely real, when you were gripped from the first page to the shocking ending.

If you love cats, you'll love this purr-fect cozy! Check it out today!


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