Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Long Quiche Goodbye

If you're a big fan of cheese and wine pairings, you're in for a treat in this new cozy series. This new cozy had everything you want and more. The Long Quiche Goodbye is the first book in the Cheese Shop Mystery series. Charlotte Bessette had a lot going on with her grandmother's re-election campaign for mayor, and someone buying the building her cheese shop was  located in Providence, Ohio--a small town near the Amish community. When her grandmother was accused of murder, things took a quick turn for the worse. It was now up to Charlotte to find out who was behind it--and she wouldn't stop for nothing. With her grandmother's rival up to no good and stirred up trouble, and troubles with her cousin's twins, she had a full plate on her hands and a business to run. There's something for everybody in this series--romance, drama, and plenty of intrigue. There's an interesting love triangle between Charlotte, Chief Umberto Urso, and Jordan Pace, a farmer with a past.

I love culinary cozies because they have delicious recipes to try at home that were featured in the series, whether in the middle or at the end of the book. I loved how Charlotte's family came together as a community to help bail her grandmother out and outrun the competition in the political nature. I didn't care for much for those who picked on Charlotte and preyed on her vulnerability. I enjoyed a sliver of good-natured backstory on her upbringing.  In this cozy, you'll root for Charlotte and her friends, and learned a lot about wine and cheese pairings and their delectable varieties to try at home in the Long Quiche Goodbye. I'll be reading more in the future.

If you're hungry for new culinary cozies to try, give this book a try today!

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