Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kidnap & Ransom

Michelle Gagnon brings up a shocking conclusion to the Kelly Jones thriller series in Kidnap & Ransom. It continues where it left off in the Gatekeeper. More drama and tension were in the air as Kelly dealt with the loss of her leg and wearing a prosthetic ankle, while she was on leave. There was friction with her relationship with Jake, while it took a backseat for the while. When his brother Mark was missing in action in Mexico, he brought his K&R team along to help rescue Cesar Calderon and his brother. We saw how Kelly felt about the situation, when she felt useless and unwanted, and considered a hindrance. She set off on her own mission with her former FBI partner, Danny Rodriguez, to find Stefan Gunderson from the Tunnels. There was plenty drama and shocking twists and turns over here and a surprise ending I won't give away. From California to Mexico, we could really feel for Kelly and Jake and despise Syd Clement and the bad guys in this explosive finale.

This was a bittersweet end to the thriller series. I really felt bad for Kelly, who had to endure a loss of her leg from the explosion, and worked her way with a prosthetic leg. I didn't like Syd Clement, Jake's partner, who was nothing but rotten and jealous of Kelly. I did feel bad for Jake, when he wanted to go save his brother's life. This was intense and deep as it gets. In the end, I cried. What a way to end the series.

Ready to head down south? Get ready to go deep undercover right now!

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