Monday, March 31, 2014

One Bad Apple

If you love something different for your cozies, you'll enjoy this one featuring an apple orchard. In Sheila Connolly's One Bad Apple, the first book in the Orchard Mystery series, we were introduced to Meg Corey, who had no job, no boyfriend, and moved to Granford from Boston. She uncovered the twists and turns of a small-knit town and how they came together to support one another. First she moved into a family home from her ancestors that needed a whole lot of work, before she wanted to sell it. And then she learned about the orchard attached to her home. If that wasn't the worst of her problems, she met a hot plumber to fix her plumbing and then uncovered a dead body--one of her ex-boyfriend. From there, she was on the hot seat and trying her best to clear her name and learn much about local politics and the project in the middle of it. When she got closer to the truth, it put her in the line of fine and a world of trouble of her own. In the end, she declared Granford her new home and found a new job of her own.

This was an intriguing culinary cozy debut. I loved the Granford backdrop and vivid scenery. You can visualize the small town and the apple orchard in Meg's backyard. I liked Meg and how she decided to renovate her home by repairing it. I loved the cast of characters in it, too.  I liked her with Seth. I hated her ex and his latest flame. I also abhorred how they picked on Meg as a culprit, but later welcomed her with opened arms, when her name was cleared. It had all the pickings of a small town community. I loved learning about the orchard business, when it came to apples and fresh produce. This would grip you in the first pages and tempt you to read more.

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