Monday, March 24, 2014

Pride and Prescience

If you're a big fan of classic literature and loved the Darcys from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and other classic novels, you'll love this classic historical mystery series. After Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy got married with their happily ever after, did you wonder what happened to them? This series answered the question. In Pride and Prescience, the Darcys were happily married. At the same time, Jane's married too with another couple. When Caroline Bingley married Frederick Parrish, nothing's what it seemed. She acted strange ever since she said "I do". From there, there'd been some mishaps and a fire and a murder, all during a blizzard before Christmas season. While they wondered about these odd happenings, they suspected everyone until one of them was found out, placing the Darcys in a world of dangerous trouble. Lots of shocking drama with classical twists to make you a fan and fall in love with them again. A must-read for all Jane Austen reader fans.

This would be a great book for Jane Austen fans. I loved the continuation of the series with a mystery twist, a good introduction to the classical mystery series, too. I loved the Darcys and how they interacted with everyone in 18th century England. You do get a good sense  on how they lived back then. I did felt bad for Caroline and didn't care for much about her sleazy husband. I also enjoyed Jane as well. I loved how it took place during the winter/X-mas season as well. This will hook you on the first page throughout the novel to the end.

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