Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blood Lies

If you love a shocking and twisted medical thriller, this one is for you. From debut author Daniel Kalla, he would take you to a thrill ride in Blood Lies. Dr. Ben Dafoe was an ER doctor in Seattle who was caught in the middle of a puzzling mystery. When his ex-fiancée was found hacked to death and murdered with another person, he became the spotlight of attention became of his personal connection. When his blood was found on the wall, it got creepier, he became a person of interest. From Ben's POV, he flashed back to the past and fights for the truth. Someone gunned after him and called him, while he remained on the run in Vancouver to discover the truth of his dead twin and posed as another doctor in Canada. As they got closer to Ben, his life became in danger, when there was someone who had a personal vendetta against him. It was hard for him to know who was to trust and who he shouldn't, with friends and allies to help him fight for justice to clear his name. And you would never believe who it was in the end with an explosive ending!

Wow. This medical thriller will leave you breathless and begging for more. I loved the Canadian and Washington state locations. It was so very picturesque and very well-written. It painted a vivid and beautiful image in my mind. I did feel bad for Ben and maybe for Aaron. I became a bit wary of the police. Without spoiling on who wanted revenged against Ben, I pitied him. I loved how he remained devoted on clearing his name and to his medical career. This would leave you want to read more of his work with every twist and snarly turn.

Ready to clear your name? Snag a copy this weekend!

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