Monday, March 10, 2014

A Rogue by Any Other Name

If you love a compelling historical romance, this historical romance debut is perfect for you. In Sarah MacLean's new historical romance series, she taught us-- the readers--the rules of the scoundrels. In A Rogue by Any Other Name,  the first book in the Rules of Scoundrels series, Penelope Marbury had a broken engagement, a subject of scandal, and was an aging spinster. Michael Bourne had been her childhood friend, who lost everything in a gambling game in ruination, and sought revenge on who've done him wrong. When they eloped in a love match, it became a marriage of convenience for each other. He would get her land, and he would help her sisters out with perfect matches.When Bourne got closer to avenging his estate, Penelope wanted her childhood friend back. Through it all, he learned that in a game of life, he placed his bets on love and for Penelope's future. From there, this became a perfect marriage for them all. 

I loved the letter segments in each chapter on how they corresponded with each other until we we re caught up in present day. That really showed how close they were to each other back then as friend. I loved the setup of the gamble and how love could be a gamble, if you pay the right price for it. I loved how we watched how they became the gossip of the ton, when temptation's called out their name with a kiss. I did feel sorry for Penelope's heartache and booed at Michael's callousness and wicked ways. Gripped by the first page, you would go on the same roller coaster of emotions as Penelope did.  What an enchanting timeless romance to fall in love with.

If you want to talk a wild ride, please check out this book today!

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