Wednesday, March 5, 2014


In the 27th installment, Alex Delaware was on the scene in the most toughest and grossest murder mystery yet. In Victims, it all started with the one female victim and had escalated from there. From one crime scene to another, we watched how Alex and Milo were perplexed on who committed the crimes and who left the question marks on the crime scenes. They had a lot of guesswork there, too, when we discovered who was behind the madness and how they stopped him. They worked their way backwards to the history and a minor connection to Alex's psychology days. They would uncover his backstory and what made this unsub your unlikely and unusual suspect and who was his accomplice. This one was enthralling and shocking at once. Don't eat before you read this.

This was another great Alex Delaware mystery. This had a nice angle to Alex's psychology past to use in the plotline. I continued to love how Alex worked with the LAPD with Milo. This was another disturbing and complex mystery for them to solve. I continued to love the Los Angeles locale as well.  I didn't like how the killer killed his victims, either. Great intense action, a terrific suspenseful dramatic twist to this compelling mystery.

Don't become a victim yourself? Go out and check this out right away!

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