Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Chocolate Cat Caper

 If you love culinary cozies with recipes inside, this series is the one for you.  In Joanna Carl's The Chocolate Cat Caper,  the first book in the Chocoholic Mystery series, Lee McKinney returned back to her hometown of Warner Pier, Michigan, after her divorce and move from Texas. When she helped her aunt run her chocolate store, she'd gotten more than she bargained for, when she volunteered to help out at Clementine Ripley's party. She ran into her best friend and a blast from her past, along with some interesting array of characters. Along the way, when she learned about Clem's history of people hating her guts, it placed her in the spotlight, when someone poisoned her delivered chocolate. I was up to Lee to figure out who done it, when she thought the case was closed--far from it, when other things haven't added up. With a rambunctious cat and the police at the scene, they helped her out, when her life was in danger at the end.

This cozy was a great introduction to the series.  We learned about how chocolate factories manufacture delicious chocolate candies. We do get to learn a bit about Lee and Joe's backstory that stemmed from high school. I also loved the cat here too. The chocolate recipes are to die for to make at home. Clem was a piece of work with some other creepy cast of characters. Overall, this was a great and divine cozy.

Tempted by chocolate? Check out this culinary cozy today!

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