Thursday, October 6, 2011

Glory in Death

If you love futuristic thrillers, you'll enjoy the second installment in the In Death series, Glory in Death. Someone killed prominent DA Ciciely Towers by slicing her throat and steeling her shoe. It was now up to Eve Dallas and the police department to find out who. While Eve tried to figure out her relationship with Roarke, she dug a bit of info into DA Towers's background and talked to her family. When they think they have figured it out, an actress named Yvonne Metcalf was killed the same way, her umbrella stolen. So they dug into her background to link a connection between the two murders. One step out of the way, they thought they had the right guy. The Towers family fell apart due to accusations and blamed Eve and the NYPSD. A third female was killed, perhaps the wrong one by mistake, and once they figured it out some more, they've gotten the right guy under their nose. What a good read!

This was another fascinating futuristic thriller.  I loved how the future might look in twenty years or so with an advancement of modern and high technology like the 'links they use to communicate, and how they go from place to place. I was continued to be amused on Eve and her relationship with Roarke, and how she operated under pressure from the peers. I did feel bad for the Towers family, while I wished they laid off on Eve a tiny bit. I didn't like the gruesomeness of the details on the murders. Great chemistry between Eve and Roarke, excellent storyline concept, and a driven force on the tension, drama and action to a surprising end.

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