Monday, November 28, 2011


If you love Greek mythology and paranormal romance, you'll love the 15th installment and long novel, Acheron. This was about Acheron's birth and arrival into the human realm, when he'd been mistreated by his parents, despised by his twin brother, and loved by his older sister. We also founnd out about the cruel treatment he endured in Atlantis and his entanglement with Artemis, a virgin Greek Goddess, who gave birth to his daughter.  After he died, he was reborn as an Atlantean God and how the Dark-Hunters were formed and created by Artemis, and more of his mother's love and sacrifice to keep him safe. In the present day, he met Soteria Kalfiera, a human mortal who took his breath away, how he protected her from danger, and fell in love with her. But when her life was in danger and died, she made an ultimate sacrifice and became a goddess herself to spend the rest of her life with him.  What a great paranormal romance.

For starters, this was a long book to read about Acheron's life from slave to an immortal god.  This was a powerful paranormal romance about a power struggle between two realms, the gods and humans. In a way, I loved the past and present-day Greek culture in the strong novel. I did feel bad on how Acheron "Ash" were mistreated and used as a love slave, endured many tortures, and how he put his life on his line. I loved how he came out swinging as a stronger god, when he met Soteria and protected her as well. I didn't like Styx or his parents either. I liked Soteria and how she made him a better man in a way. This would hold you from the first page to the end with your heart pumping and send your pulse racing.

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