Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mark of a Demon

If you love a good urban fantasy with a twist, you'll enjoy Mark of a Demon, the first book in the Kara Gillian series. Kara Gillian is a loner and a Bealac detective in New Orleans. She's also a demon summoner. When she's assigned on a case to lead a special task force, she jumps at the opportunity and leads the team on the recent murder. She realized the arcane symbols and markings of it, and goes back to old case files of the Symbol Man case. At first, she thought it was pure coincidence and a copycat case. She also had visits from a Demonic Lord who gives her pleasure and answers in her dreams after one accidental summoning. Lately, she put together the past history and the recent cases to find the common links and the Demon Lord's hidden messages to her. In the end, there's a surprising twist I wouldn't dare to give away. It rocked!

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