Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Wild Child

If you love magical historical romances, this is the one for you, the first of a trilogy. In the Wild Child, Lady Meriel Grahame lost her parents in a violent Indian raid when she was little and have come silent or "mad" since then. When Dominic Renbourne agrees to his twin brother's plan to pose as him with his courtship with her, things take a different turn. She listens to him and understands him. She creates henna designs and arranges wild flowers. But her two uncles have a plan for her--one wants her to marry, the other doesn't. She's at a crossroads. But when she encounters Dominic as Kyle, she begins to fall for him and wants him. Later they make love after she begins to speak. Renbourne's magic works on her, when his brother is out in Spain. Later, they fall in love and marry, when there's a danger within her family as she remembers the past and Kyle knows the truth. A magical story.

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