Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fear No Evil

In  Allison Brennan's Fear No Evil, the last installment of the No Evil trilogy, this story focused on Dillon Kincaid and Lucy Kincaid, his youngest sister. When she had supposed to be graduating from high school, she wasmissing. Later, she ended up on tape, when she met someone online, and then had gotten raped, when there was a deadline to save her before she died by a brutal death. That's when Dillon met Kate Donovan, a rogue FBI agent who was after a man named Trask for the past couple of years, and hoped to bring him down along with his online porn enterprise. But he had a bone to pick and people to exploit online. Plus Dillon was reunited with her long-lost estranged brother, Jack Kincaid. Head to head, they saved Lucy and brought down Task, while Kate fell in love with Dillon and had to pay the price for hiding out in Mexico for a few years. A red hot ending to the trilogy.

This was a phenomenal ending to the No Evil trilogy with a shocking ending. I cared about the Kincaid family, especially Dillon, Lucy and Jack. I loved how Dillon and Kate came together to become the next powerhouse couple in this romantic suspense. I loved the California locations in this novel and the scenic settings to make it pop with vivid colors.  This would take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Great drama and non-stop action with tons of heated romance, suspense and intrigue along the way.

Check this out today!

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