Monday, December 26, 2011

The Screaming Room

If you love a real good thriller, you'll enjoy the 2nd book in the John Driscoll series. In The Screaming Room, someone is targeting tourists in New York City. One by one, they're found in landmarks and found scalped like Indians. Later on, they find out from blood from a broken toenail that they're dealing with identical fraternal twins, Cassie and Angus Claxonn, who are after them for one reason: revenge on the sexual abuse they endured from their dad. And that bridges the connection between all of them, even when Malcolm Shewster's daughter is one of the victims, and is on the scene to go after them. Once they're exposed, they make their threats known to the final end, when they go after someone Driscoll cares about. What a wild ride!

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