Monday, January 18, 2016


In Edie Harris's Crazed, the 3rd installment in the Blood Money romantic suspense, get ready to go above and beyond in this thrilling new novel. For Casey Faraday, he was a solider before a spy. And when his brother Adam was kidnapped, it took him back to Medellin Colombia. It wasn't an any ordinary rescue mission, when he discovered Ilda Almeida, his wife when he went undercover. From there, he learned the truth about his faux death and his daughter Arlo, when she thought he was dead. While she never recovered from seeing the shock, she was a double agent who worked to bring that Felipe down. Though the chemistry between them was smoldering hot and still there, he had a choice to rescue his wife or his brother. Stuck to choose between the two, he chose Ilda and Arlo and escorted back safe, while Adam was stuck in the trenches as a hostage to pay the ultimate price...

This was a gripping no holds barred romantic suspense novel from Edie Harris. I instantly cared for Casey and how he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, when his rescue mission had way too many complications. I thought Arlo was adorable, and Ilda was a spitfire, when they made a great couple and got out of Dodge. I loved the Medellin and Chicago dual locations for the vast settings for this romantic suspense novel. I didn't like Pipe and Manuel, when they've gotten what they deserved. This would take you on a wild adventure with suspense, intrigue, drama and plenty of hot romance to steam up your window with a hint of eroticism.

Will you be crazed with a copy? Check it out today!

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