Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Twelve

In Justin Cronin's The Twelve, the second installment in the Passage futuristic thriller trilogy, this thriller still continued to give us everything from horror, paranormal and urban fantasy in this long thriller. Now, we fast forward to five years later, when the twelve survived the viral war that destroyed the United States. Some of them were dark  and bad, while others soldiered on to fight the good war with Amy. While they waged the war with the dark and light forces, people killed to be killed, make love and make babies, and find their soul mates, even if they're long lost. That's what happened to Peter, Michael, Alicia and others, while they dealt with the evil and take care of protecting our country in this epic battle of good vs evil, when some of them have to sacrifice themselves for the greater good with a shocking mind-blowing twist in the end.

This was really an epic futuristic thriller for a long and exhausting read. Just like the Passage, the prequel, this sequel really picked up where it left off in this saga with no holds barred. I continued to care about Peter and his friends and how some became lost and went over to the dark side. I loved the futuristic apocalyptic sense of how our country would look if something like this happened in a war-torn country, when states is its own country. This would take you for a long and wild ride in this ongoing saga of the good guys vs the viral dracs who thirsted on their blood or made them prisoners. Overall, it had a bittersweet ending, when the war isn't over and continues in Book Three, The City of Mirrors, that comes out this year. This has action, adventure, drama, suspense, intrigue, horror and a bit of paranormal horror in this vast novel.

Are you ready to see the Twelve? If so, give it a go!

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