Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Final Seven

In Erica Spindler's The Final Seven, the Lightkeepers paranormal thriller series, she created a new world when good versus evil in this new thrilling series. For NOPD Michaela "Micki" Dare who goes by "Mad Dog", she didn't need a new partner like Agent Zachary Harris from California. But when they were paired up, they were in for a surprise at their first crime scene. From there, Micki learned first hand about Zach's magical powers as a "Sixer", a special task force from the FBI. From the first abduction teen to another, they didn't expect to tackle a dark force that's out of the world, when Micki and Zach have an unstoppable bond from one another in this powerful paranormal thriller with a shocking conclusion from start to finish in the end.

This was a phenomenal new series debut from Erica Spindler. Even if she had decide to go the self-publishing route for this series only, this had a great combination of thriller with the paranormal. I loved the pair of Dare and Harris, two different sides of the coin, when they worked together to fight good and evil to solve crimes in their home turf of New Orleans. I cared about Micki, who was dealt with a blow of losing her husband and getting a new partner. I thought Zach was an unique guy and special on his own. New Orleans was a great central place for location and settings alone in this excellent thriller with non-stop action, drama, suspense, and some paranormal shockers.

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