Friday, November 30, 2012

Whiskey Sour

If you love good mysteries, you'll love the Jack Daniels series. In Whiskey Sour,  the first book in the Jack Daniels series, Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels had a lot going for her, besides an ex-boyfriend and chasing the Gingerbread Man. She avoided the FBI's weird profiling computer, joined a dating service, and get mixed up with thugs, it was up to her and her partner, Herb, to catch the Gingerbread Man before he killed again. There was a lot of good action, tons of good humor, and a great mystery to solve with interesting characters. I love the titles, all names of great bartending drinks featured in the novel. Pretty darn clever along with the covers. We do care about Jack and how she solved the case, how she got along with her partner Herb and how  close she was to her mom. We got involved into her personal and love life, and even to the wicked man who was the Gingerbread Man, too. Fast-paced action for a quick read in one setting.

This was a great introduction to a light read for this mystery series. I love the name of the liquor-related books with its corresponding book covers. I also love the main characters of Jack Daniels, which was pretty clever to use for "Jack" instead of Jackie for Jacqueline. I thought his partner Herb was a bit amusing in natural. I loved how she was devoted to her mom. The Gingerbread Man serial killer had a twist to the classic fairytale. Great whimsical humor, quick suspense and a good mystery to cork this mystery with a surprising ending.

Want a whiskey sour down the hatch? Give this one a try tonight!

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