Sunday, December 2, 2012


Welcome to the world of restaurant business. In this sizzling new four-book series by Susan Mallery, in Delicious, we're  introduced into the food business and the hot foods to make it success. This story is about Penny Jackson, a chef who's carrying a secret of her own, and her ex-husband, Cal Buchanan, who has one he kept for a long time, when she works for him. But when they're reunited, more than sparks fly. We see how devoted they are to make his  restaurant a success, in spite of his evil grandmother. We all see how connected she is to her best friend, Naomi, and to her former in-laws, Reid, a former baseball player and womanizer, and Walker, a retired Marine who's on a mission, and Dani, who's having a troubled marriage. And cal connects to them too as well. Yummy! This novel is a delicious contemporary romance.

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