Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tell Me Lies

If you want a good laugh on a day when you have the blues, you'll enjoy Jennifer Crusie's Tell Me Lies. In this wonderful woman's fiction novel, there's romance, drama, mystery and intrigue. Welcome to the fictional town of Frog Point, Ohio, when Maddie Faraday's world came tumbling down. And it all started with a pair of black crotchless panties and gets weirder and worse from there. Add a former high school flame into the mix and people who's after her husband Brent too. But people kept piling up more lies on her. We see how close she is to her mother and grandmother, her daughter and her best friend. But when she's mixed up into Brent's mess, she's in a world of hurt and a lot of trouble. You'll love and cry, you root and cheer for Maddie, a former good girl gone bad, and to hell with the world. This is an enjoyable read.

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