Monday, December 10, 2012

She'll Never Tell

If you love shocking twists and turns, she'll enjoy the first romantic suspense/thriller with a scary serial killer called the Bloodsucker. But we're introduced to Marcy's life, before and after her car accident. Six months later, she's transformed with a new life and look to pick up the pieces with her family and deal with her twin sister, Phoebe. Meanwhile, while she recovers from her injuries and insecurities, there's the Bloodsucker out there, who's setting his sights for specific victims and one in particular. Police Chief Claire Drummond is on the hunt for a serial killer and tackles her job too as a single mom. We don't know the real identity of the serial killer until the next two books in the series. So we'll keep guessing who he might be. This is more thriller and very little romantic suspense though.

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