Friday, December 14, 2012

Big City, Bad Blood

Welcome to Chicago, Illinois. Ray Dudgeon is a former newspaper reporter and now a private detective. He's been assigned to protect Bob Loniski from the Mob, before he goes to trial. Not an easy job for Ray. While he's on protection duty, we're introduced to him and his relationship with his girlfriend, Jill, his friend Terry, and his assorted associates. We watch him interact and get out of sticky situations. Here's an interesting guy with a shaded past history. There's plenty of non-stop action and drama in this novel. When he becomes a target himself, he would do anything to save himself, even by breaking the law and covering his tracks. And when it comes to the Mob, it's a messy business, when there's lots of twists and turns and shocking surprises in the end, when things turn up the heat.

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