Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kill For Me

In Karen Rose's Kill For Me, the 9th installment in the romantic suspense series, and the first one in the Daniel Vartanian series, this one was one of the best yet. There were lots of drama here and tons of shocking twists and turns. Susannah Vartainian and GBI Agent, Luke Papadoupoulous were on a disturbing case, when her brother was hospitalized from a lethal attack. And from there, it had gotten more twisted and perverse than that, when someone gunned after her for their own nefarious reasons. Family secrets and a sex slave human trafficking ring were a crux for this plot. But it also brought them together and make them perfectly matched. We do get deep inside Susannah's mind and witness her past and discover her present state of mind, when Luke showed his true feelings for her. We also enter the evil mind of the people who wanted to draw their first blood on her. What a great read.

This was another one that would make you hair raise on edge and your head spin. I cared about Daniel, Luke and Susannah, when they've gotten embroiled into another hairy mess. I do love the Georgia location for this novel's setting as well. Those two people who were meant to be together fought long and hard to defy the odds. Great drama, good exciting suspense and tons of explosive action will keep you reading all night.

Check Kill for Me out today!

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  1. I haven't read Karen Rose but an author that has been on my must try list for a few years.

    Sounds like a great one.


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