Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stealing Shadows

This is a great thriller with some romantic suspense elements. In Kay Hooper's Stealing Shadows, the first installment in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, we were introduced in Cassie Neill, who had a special psychic gift. When she arrived in Ryan's Bluff, North Carolina, she stormed her way into Judge Ben Ryan's office and told him why she was there. At first, Sheriff Matt Dunbar had his doubts and dithers about her. But with her psychic connections, she lead them to a trail of a serial killer. But with her late aunt's warning, she dared not to fall in love with Ben Ryan. We do get to know more about Cassie more and her own dangers in her world, day and night, and understood where she was coming from. But when she was close to her own danger, it put her at risk. We also delved into Ben and Matt's worlds and saw it through the eyes of a killer. A real good rush into the psychic realm.

This was a brilliant introduction to the paranormal thriller series. I did care about Cassie and Ben and Bishop's SCU team. This gave me chills, goosebumps, and so much more. I love the combination of the psychic-paranormal connection to the thriller genre. There's plenty of thrills here for sure. I liked the location of Ryan's Bluff for a small town in North Carolina for the setting. If you love both genres, this is the right series for you. Great drama, good suspense and intrigue, and tons of chilling action in this novel.

Will you be stealing shadows today? If so, grab a copy for yourself!

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