Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mine to Protect

In Cynthia Eden's Mine to Protect, the 6th installment in the Mine romantic suspense series, she takes you to center stage with another heart-pounding amazing storyline. For FBI Agent Victor Monroe, he had sworn to protect Zoe Peters from being killed by her mobster father, Luther Bates. All her life, she lived in his shadow and being a prime target, while he remained bars for killing her mother. But no matter what they went, more hits were being targeted on her, mainly from her ex-beau, Tom Winters, who always get what he wants. He knew about Victor's big secret, even if he tore them apart for a price. For Zoe, she wanted to find her friend Michelle Lane. Together they would take on her father and find a way to be together, safe and happy together.

This was another fantastic romantic suspense in the Mine romantic suspense series. I cared about Zoe and Victor and how they came to be together with flaws on their own. I didn't like Tom Winters, but the other characters were okay. I loved the California and Vegas locations and spectacular scenic settings. This would make your heart-pound and your pulse race on every page with non-stop action, explosive chemistry, intrigue and suspense, right until the end.

Will you check out Mine to Protect today?

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