Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Raising Atlantis

In Thomas Greanias's Raising Atlantis, the first installment in the Conrad Yeats Adventure thriller series, this best-selling e-book and print book series would take you on an adventure of your own. For Conrad, he was an archaeologist who searched for the world's mysteries and debunked their myths. But he came across an ice cold stone treasure in Antartica, where the legendary city of Atlantis have been hidden and buried for thousands of years. He wasn't alone, when Sister Serena Sereghetti and his other father joined them in this wild arctic cold ride to the bottom of the earth. They've discovered secret treasures to unlock it, while the Arabs and their own military were after them to stop Dooms Day from happening to mankind. Now it was up to them to prevent it from happening, while Vatican City wanted Serena to keep this under wraps and to say nothing happened with a shocking twist.

This was a wild ride for this action adventure thriller series. I cared about Conrad and Serena and their past relationship. Once again, I loved how we're taken across the world from Vatican City to Antartica, when we still wondered about the lost city of Atlantis for the scenic locations and beautiful, intriguing settings. This would take you on a ride of your own with nail-biting excitement in every chapter with action, adventure, suspense, and intrigue with non-stop drama.

Ready to go exploring? Check this out today!

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