Saturday, July 24, 2010


In the second installment of the Faye Longchamp series by Mary Anna Evans, Relics, the adventure continued for Faye and Joe, when they were at an archaeological dig in Alabama. The loyalties were divided by two racial neighborhoods--the Sujosa and the Alcaskians, when a hidden secret was unearthed from old history. It started out with fire, when things escalated and gotten out of hand. The chemistry between Faye and Joe continued from partners to friends and possibly something more. When someone was murdered, things had worsened from there between both rival gangs, until Faye and Joe discovered who's the culprit, and then they might be next on the list. A great read for the series.

This was another good read for the series. I loved how it continued with the deep south theme, like this one in Alabama. I liked how Joe and Faye worked together, when the chemistry between them grew and blossomed into love and romance. I thought the racial divide in this mystery was pretty good and spot on as well. I continue to love the archeological theme, when this book was a treasure of its own. Good drama,  nice hint of romance, and plenty of intriguing action from start to finish.

Want to cherish a relic? Pick up a copy today!

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