Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cross Roads

In Fern Michaels's Cross Roads, the 18th book in the Sisterhood of the Vigilantes series, they were back with a vengeance. One-and-a-half-years later, after they were pardoned and went on their separate lives, they were bored and missed each other. When some of the members were somewhat hijacked by an elite group of people in the military, they wanted the Sisters to go after Hank Jellicoe, who had separated the girls and had spread rumors of a hit on the President. They wanted him to route him out. Before they could decide, they talked amongst themselves about going vigilante again, undercover again, and discover the truth... with a price. They wanted dibs on Jellicoe and blanket immunity. Once it was accepted, they would go after him and find out who else was on it to disturb and ruin their lives, when they returned back to Pinewood for good.

This was another great mystery with tons of romance and plenty of drama. I cared about all the Sisterhood and the men in their lives and despised Jellicoe for who and what he was. I've read many installments in this series, but haven't read all of them or the newest ones up to date. I loved Pinewood and the D.C. area for the locations and dual settings for this series. This one packed a lot of heat and a lot of tension, too. You would be rooting for them for sure. Great drama, plenty of intrigue and suspense, and lots of mystery to take center stage.

Will you find yourself at your own crossroads, too? If so, pick up a copy today!

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