Monday, February 4, 2013

The Dirty Secrets Club

In Meg Gardiner's The Dirty Secrets Club, the first installment in the Jo Beckett thriller series in this stellar thriller debut,  you want to sink your teeth into this one that would leave you chilled and breathless. Jo Beckett was a shrink for the dead. She examined why the people died and how they died. And when she had gotten entangled into this mess of discovering about the roots of the Dirty Secrets Club, it placed her right in the center of danger. It drudged up the past of her recent loss. She wasn't an ordinary woman with mystical cultural roots. And there was a lot of surprises to give you an oh wow factor for this thriller. Danger, darkness, mayhem and plenty of drama to keep you guessing and right at the edge of your seat.

This one will make you a big fan of all of her thrillers yet to date. I cared for Jo on this wild adventure, when she had gotten caught up into a mess of sorts. She was unique and personable with a mixed heritage to make her more than ordinary. I became concerned on how she dealt with her loss, even when it might come into light of being exposed. I loved the California locations and settings for this wild thriller. This would take you to a fanciful journey from past to present with great drama, non-stop action, intrigue and suspense, straight to the end.

Will you be a member of the dirty secrets club? If so, be wary with a copy today!

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