Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deadly Fear

If you love red hot and sexy romantic suspense series, you'll enjoy this series from Cynthia Eden. She explored our fears and terrifies us with this first book in the Deadly series with intriguing danger in Deadly Fear. For  FBI Agents, Monica Davenport and Luke Dante, two former lovers were reunited in this tough case. A serial killer was after vulnerable and weak women as his prey, making them break with utilizing their fears to kill them slowly. And he was now after Davenport for one reason. While they were after the Watchman, the sexual chemistry heated up again between them, while they both had troubled pasts and dark secrets. And only this serial killer knew how to use them. Fever pitch, this one was something you'll delve into, when it reached your own psyche. Great suspense and a whole lot of romance. You'll never see this coming in this series with a surprising deep dark twist in the end.

This romantic suspense novel surely packed a whole lot of shocking twists and turns. I loved how Monica and Luke were brought together to rekindle their romance. I loved how Luke cared about her, when their innermost secrets might be exposed. I loved the locations this novel took us on, too. This one sent me shivers up and down my spine with ice prickles. There was a lot of intriguing drama, hot romance to melt the pages, and an insane storyline plot to keep you reading with non-stop action.

Watch your fears? Check this out this weekend!

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