Sunday, February 24, 2013

Power Down

If you love excellent thrillers, this series is the one for you. Straight from the headlines, America's been attacked by terrorists from a dam to other ports, all over the country. And it's up to one man, Dewey Andreas, to make it happen. He eyewitnessed it from an oil rig and now he's the one to stop it. But there's an evil man who's behind the plot, who's not what he seems. You want to root for Dewey all the way to the end for this rugged character and tough exterior. But he'll do anything for the country he loves, even eliminating terrorists and maybe traitors. There's many wicked page-turning plots and hidden surprises for this fascinating introduction to the series. Like all political thrillers, there's always political flavor blended into the mix of suspense and drama. God Bless USA and Dewey Andreas!

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