Saturday, February 16, 2013

Final Sail

If you like light cozies that are fun to read, you'll enjoy the 11th installment in the Helen Hawthorne Dead-End series.  In Final Sail, newly married, Helen and Phil were now a husband and wife PI team. Their first case was a tough one. When another one popped up, it was time for Helen to go undercover on a yacht for an emerald smuggler and Phil to tail a black widow type, who was more than she seemed. While these two cases were ongoing at the same time, it was up to Helen to find a connection to between them. They learned some interesting secrets on the high seas and on Hendin Island in Florida, when there's more than meets the eye. This cozy packs a double whammy of surprises for an enjoyable read.

This was another stellar cozy from Elaine Viets. I loved the setting of placing it on a sailboat and the open seas. That definitely built up drama and suspense as well. I loved the pairing of Helen and Phil, who both worked as a PI team and a newlywed couple. I hope there would be new cozies in the series, if it's not the end.

Ready to board as sailboat? Come sail away with a copy today!

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