Friday, February 15, 2013


If you love heart-pacing thrillers, you'll enjoy Wendy Corsi Staub's Nightwatcher, the first installment in the NightWatcher thriller trilogy. Set during 9/11/01 in New York City, before the War of Terrorism started, we were introduced to Allison Taylor and James MacKenna. Two different people who led two different lives, who both were neighbors and friends in the same apartment. But besides the terror out there, someone lurkedinside their apartment building, when one of their neighbors named Kristina Haines were bludgeoned and murdered. And while Allison and Mac get to know each other better, dangers reared its ugly head, when someone else was killed in the same complex watching them every night. Many twists and turns to keep you guessing and at the edge of your seat, until Jerry Thompson was caught and discovered.

What an excellent introduction to this shocking, twisted and wild thriller. I cared about Allison and Mack as they had had troubled and tormented lives who shared the same living space. I liked the 9/11 theme for the location and setting of the novel in New York City to shine a spotlight. I thought something was a bit off with Jerry per se, especially for his sordid life. This would send you cold chills and goosebumps from head to toe with every mind-blowing turning page with drama, a hint of romance, suspense and intrigue.

Keep a light on, when you read this thriller! Check it out today!

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