Sunday, March 3, 2013


Best-selling Alex Kava brought FBI Agent Maggie O'Dell back into her toughest case yet. Maggie recovered from her injuries in the past case and had a lot to deal with at home. A serial arsonist was taking the homeless, leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake. It was up to her and Julia Racine to find out who he was. And on the scent of the trail, she went after him. But he wasn't who you expected, when you were this close to the fire. He had a particular interest in her and trying to ruin her family with her mother and her half-brother Patrick. And things do get personal. In Fireproof,  the 10th book in the Maggie O'Dell series, we rooted for Maggie on the case, when things do scratch the surface in Virginia and Washington D.C. Danger loomed closer to Maggie than ever. Lots of drama and heart-pounding, thrilling action.

I really enjoyed this stand out thriller. I loved how we get to know more about Maggie's brother and his firefighting background. We can see how close she was to her mother and understood more about Patrick. This arsonist plotline was red-hot and fiery at the same time. I loved how she thought fast on her feet and acted upon impulse. When she was on the trail, I became worried about her. But this gripped me from the beginning and made me hold my breath, more than once.

Can't stand the heat? Get hooked into this thriller today!

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