Friday, March 8, 2013

Bad Love

If you love the earlier classic Alex Delaware novels, this one is another good mystery from Jonathan Kellerman. It started with a child's voice on a tape, mentioning about "Bad Love." That sent Alex on a journey all over California, searching for answers, while he worked on another deposition for another case, when it got heated up. We watched when Alex discovered the connection between the symposium and the murders that happened over the years. And then he realized his life was endangered as  one of the last targets, when someone came after him and Robin. We were on for a wild ride, when they connected the dots in a strange line of "suspicious deaths", which it wasn't as it appeared. And it was even more stranger that it looked with a wicked twist at the end.

This was a wacky and wild classic early Alex Delaware mystery. This one had a mysterious backdrop on someone seeking revenge on past psychologists. I continue to love how Alex interacted with Milo and with the police. I liked his relationship with Robin and her love for guitars.  I didn't care for much as how they were killed, which was pretty much disturbing to me. It sent me the chills. The California backdrop from Los Angeles and all the way down to San Francisco was pretty much amazing in my book. Great drama, intense action, and plenty good stuff for a good mystery to read.

Ready for a wild mystery? Give this one a go today!

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