Friday, August 5, 2011

Indigo Slam

In Robert Crais's Indigo Slam, the 7th book in the Elvis Cole Mystery series,  PI Elvis Cole was assigned on the case by 14-year Teri Haines (Hewitt), who needed help finding her missing dad. But it wasn't an easy case for Elvis. With the Russian mob after him, and the US Marshals who want to protect him, it did get difficult.  Add some nasty Viets to the clan, things got hectic as Clark Hewitt pulled two disappearance acts, when Elvis found the truth from the red herrings as Elvis discovered he's dying from cancer, and wanted to provide for his kids. It was a twisted chase of good and evil for a good read.

This was a wonderful Elvis Cole mystery. My heart ached for Teri and for her father Clark. The Witness Protection Program storyline plot was just terrific for it. I loved how Joe Pike continued to help Elvis get out of tough and sticky situations as always. I loved the California backdrop for this series as well. I did feel shocked, when there was a corrupt US Marshal. There was a bunch of good plot twists and turns, plenty of drama and a hint of intrigue to keep you guessing what happened next.

Don't disappear! Pick up a copy today!

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