Sunday, October 25, 2015

Peach of a Murder

In Livia Washburn's a Peach of a Murder, the first installment of the Fresh-Baked Cozy Mystery series, we sink her teeth into this culinary cozy debut with secrets and lies come out. It all started with the murder of Newt Bishop, when Phyllis Newsom was getting ready for the Annual Peach Festival with the baking festival. And that's when Sam Fletcher, a new boarder at Phyllis's came in. At the time for the judging for the pies, Donnie Boatright had died before the judging results came out. It was up to Phyllis to find out who've done it and why, while trying to connect the two links. While she kept a close eye out for her friend Mattie Harris, who's been feeling unwell, she dug up some shocking truths and secrets, while treats were aimed at her. And when they were a hit-and-run of a young teacher, that's when she connected the dots and shocked to find out who done it and why...

This was a terrific new culinary cozy debut. I loved the cooking bake-off theme with the festival for the central subplot down in rural Texas. I cared for Phyllis and her family, especially for Mattie, who had memory issues and other ailments. I liked Sam Fletcher, too, and warmed up to Carolyn Walburger a tiny bit. This would take you into a great reading adventure with mystery, intrigue, suspense and plenty of drama, when the adrenaline went up high.

Will you sink your teeth into a Peach of a Murder today? If so, dig in with this copy!

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