Monday, October 12, 2015

Heat of the Moment

In Katie Rose's The Heat of the Moment, the third installment in the Boys of Summer Sports Contemporary romance series, she had hit a home run with this compelling read. For Gavin King, when a knee injury had sidelined him, he had been traded to the Jersey Sonics from his California baseball team. Later, he learned that it was the best move possible for him, after he broke up with his model girlfriend. That's when he met his physical therapist, Jessica Hart, who swore off baseball players after a recent breakup with one. While he worked on healing his knee to get back in the game, he had gotten to know Jessica and fell in love with her, when they sexual heat between them was steamy hot for sure. But when his ex comes back, it made Jessica uncertain, when he told her she was the one for him.

This was a delightful sports contemporary romance novel in the series. I liked Gavin and Jessica as a couple and hated Kristen in on the spot. His father needed to get a life and care for Gavin's feeling, not just the sport itself.  But I liked the central theme being sports and baseball in general and the new friendship he had with his team mates, with the exception of Roger. This would make you cheer for Gavin being the underdog, and Jessica to be swept off his feet in this wonderful romance. There's a lot of non-stop action, drama, romance and intrigue in this steamy novel.

Will you be caught up in the heat of the moment? If so, don't strike out without a copy today!

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