Monday, October 4, 2010

Strangers in the Night

If you love great romantic suspense novels, you'll enjoy this trio of short stories in Strangers in the Night by Linda Howard. In Lake of Dreams, Thea Marlow dreamt of making love to her dream lover. When she met him in person, they realized they were meant to be through the hands of time, interpreting their dreams, when they were falling in love and fought for what they want. In Blue Moon, Sheriff Jackson Brody had been called to Deliliah Jones's home, and became under her spell. She was no witch, but she had healing powers and predicted they were meant to be by his aura. In White Out, Hope Jackson was stuck in a cabin during a blizzard, when Price Tanner needed mouth-to-mouth resusitation to warm him up. When there was a radio broadcast on an escaped convict, she didn't know what to believe. When the truth came out, they planned a future together. Three times the romance and suspense.

This was a lovely introduction of three romantic short stories in this one collection for this novel. Each one had something different with a cute little storyline premise from dreams, to auras, and then first aid during a blizzard. I cared about the three couples in a short amount of time. I loved each central specific location for this short story collection. All of them were strangers in the night too, per se.  Great drama, good action and romance, and lots of intrigue and mystery.

Will you be a stranger in the night? Pick up a copy tonight!

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