Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Watching You

In Karen Rose's I'm Watching You, the third installment in the  romantic suspense series, and  set in Chicago, for ASA Kristen Mayhem, she held a painful dark secret of her past. While prosecuting people in her court case, someone had decided to execute those who failed the justice system, claiming he was her "humble servant." One by one, they were wiped ou, as a serial killer knew her secrets and sent her letters. For Detective Abe Reagan, he also had a troubled past, who had sworn to protect her, along with his family, while he fell in love her again as they healed each other entirely. But as they become closer, a bitchy reporter and someone with the grudge had made her a personal target to make her scared. In the end, they found out the truth and revealed their secrets that meld them together with glue. Another great romantic suspense!

This was another great romantic suspense novel by Karen Rose.  I cared about Kristen and Abe. I didn't like this criminal to serve his own vigilante justice. I loved how Abe and Kristen came together and tag-teamed to nab the bad guy. I continued to love the Chicago location for the setting. This would make you cringe and sigh, a couple of times. Great drama, terrific drama and red-hot romance, and plenty of intrigue along the way.

Who's watching you buy this book? Check it out today!

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