Sunday, December 27, 2015

Summer In Napa

 In Marina Adair's Summer in Napa, the second installment in the St. Helena Vineyard contemporary romance series, she tantalized us with a delicious treat in this contemporary romance. After a brutal divorce, Alexis "Lexi" Moreau fled from New York to return to her hometown of St. Helena, California, to start over. She decided to start from scratch to help her grandmother run her shop and have her own bistro. And that's when she ran into Marco "Marc" DeLuca, the best friend of her ex-husband. From there, they stirred up a friendship that blossomed into a fake romance, when they had eyes for each other. For Marc, he always wanted Lexi and had gotten himself into a mess with signing a deal with him. Their fauxmance had heated up into a romance, when secrets and lies came out into the open with a surprising twist in the end when justice will be served on a cold platter.

This was a hot and steamy romance with a culinary twist that would delight and scintillate your taste buds. I cared for Lexi and Marc and thought her ex was a douche bag in more ways than one. I loved how they romance had grew into something more than just for show. Those culinary treats were yummy to read about. The St. Helena location was idyllic and divine for Lexi to return home and belong there. This would reel you in like a barracuda and take you through a wild ride for this heated romance to steam up your windows.

Will you have a summer in Napa next year? If so, check it out today!

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