Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Eye for Murder

In Libby Fischer Hellman's An Eye for Murder, the first installment for the Ellie Foreman mystery series, she had combined historical fiction into this mystery debut. It all started for Ellie, a single mother with a daughter, when a lady sent her a letter out of the blue about her neighbor. From there, she discovered the identity of this man and discovered a death or two. That had sent Ellie on a wild ride to go back into time to WWII and locate the connection between the past and present. Unfurled into a high-powered political campaign, she was stuck into the heart of it, when there was attacks on her loved ones and close to her, leaving her life in peril. With her ex-husband's financial troubles and on the lam, she discovered love with a man that's connected to the case who traced his own family roots. She couldn't believe who was all behind it all and why the madness in the end with a surprise twist.

This was a spectacular mystery debut with a historical fiction slanted twist to the storyline. I loved the settings of past and present day Chicago and the politics as the main focus. I cared about Ellie and Rachel and didn't know what was up with Barry or the Iversons. I liked how it all came together in the end. This would propel you to the past with the link to the present future with a heated array of emotions with drama, non-stop action, mystery and intrigue in the end.

Do you have an eye for murder? If so, give it a read today!

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