Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Yarned and Dangerous

In Sadie Hartwell's Yarned and Dangerous, the first installment in the Tangled Web mystery crafty  cozy series, we were introduced to the small cozy town of Dorset Falls, Connecticut. For fashion designer Josie Blair, she helped take care of her great-uncle Eben and close her great-aunt's shop after she passed away. From there, she ran into some mean-spirited people like her ex-boyfriend and his mother from hell. At first, while she took care of the inventory, she discovered a dead body in her yarn shop and became tangled and unraveled into a scheme to sell the lot. She befriended her great-uncle's foe's grandson Mitch Woodruff and sparks flew between them. For Josie and her new friends, it was up to put together the mystery on whodunit and why, because they were next to go.

This was a charming and delightful crafty cozy series debut. I thought the town of Dorset Falls was magnificent and sweet with a cast of eclectic and intriguing characters. It was picturesque and ideal for the locations and the town for this cozy series. I cared for Josie, Eben and her great-aunt's friends. I didn't like the Humphries clan one bit, either. This would sweep you off your feet and be charmed as well with some yarning patterns to do a home. This has mystery, intrigue, drama and plenty of action for a quick read this holiday season.

Don't get tangled up into a ball, when you check out Yarned and Dangerous today!

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