Saturday, December 26, 2015

Playing for Pizza

In John Grisham's Playing for Pizza, he took a break from his smashing legal thrillers and told us a compelling literary thriller. For Rick Dockery, after a bad play that cost the Cleveland Browns the play-offs and landed in the hospital, he became known as the "Goat" in sports reporters. The town hated him, no team in the NFL wanted him on the sports roster. And that's when his agent Arnie devised a plan for him to play for an Italian football team, until he waited for the dust to settle. When Rick arrived in Italy, he learned about love, life and the Italian culture, and how they played football. And when it came to staying with the team or leaving, he stuck to his guns and found a new home, when it was safe for him there.

This was a fascinating read to learn how football is played in Italy. You really learned about the Italian culture there from the architecture to the history behind it from Parma to Rome. I cared about Rick and how he came a comeback of his own with the Parma Panthers. I didn't like Cray one bit. He wouldn't leave him alone, when he kept hounding him for a story. You'll get pulled into a story like this from start to finish to make this one of John Grisham's finest literary fiction thrillers in a long time with drama, action, some romance and a hint of mystery attached to it.

Will you be playing for pizza? If so, check it out today!

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