Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heat Wave

If you're a fan of ABC's Castle TV series for seven years, you'll enjoy Richard Castle's Heat Wave, the first installment in the Nikki Heat mystery series. For Jamison Rook, a journalist who's done an article on NYPD Detective, Nikki Heat. For them, sparks fly between them, when there's a heatwave in New York with a blackout, when a real estate tycoon had plunged to his death. And everyone who knew him was a suspect--his younger wife, his son's nanny, and so on. It was up to Nikki and the NYPD to figure it all out on whodunnit and why, when it comes to gangsters, murder and art theft, all wrapped up in one captivating package with an explosive ending.

This was a great mystery series debut for the character of Nikki Heat, since I haven't read anything from the Derek Storm series yet. I really liked Jamison and Nikki and how they were so compatible, when they worked behind the scenes and have great chemistry together. I loved the NYC location for the central theme and settings for the police and around the area. This would pull you in and root for Heat and Rook together and make you love the rest of the series as well. Great drama with excellent non-stop action, explosive chemistry for romance, and tons of intrigue and mystery.

Will you experience a heat wave of your own? If so, check it out and Castle's 8th season this fall!

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