Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Homecoming

In JoAnn Ross's The Homecoming, the first installment in the Shelter Bay romantic suspense series, this novel would move you to tears and tug your heart. For Sax Douchett, this Cajun former Navy SEAL came home from the war with the ghosts of his past. He didn't plan on going to his homecoming parade, when he met his former flame and brother's best friend's widow, Kara Conway, a widow with a son, and the sheriff of her small town. When he uncovered a skull on the beach with his dog Velcro, that's what started it all for them to uncover the truth and rekindle old feelings. For Kara, she still mourned the loss of her husband and lived with her mother, who decided to find love with her senior deputies. Between Sax and Kara, it started as friends and blossomed into something else entirely between them, when they solved two cold cases together with a connection between them all with a sweet ending.

This was a lovely and tender romantic suspense novel. I really cared about Kara and Trey, Faith, and Sax. I loved the cold case connection to the novel to bring closure in the end. Shelter Bay sounded so idealistic and heavenly to be by the coastline for a small town as the perfect setting and location. This would make you heart swell with pride and swoon for a guy like Sax to have as your own. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue with non-stop action, mystery and plenty of romance all around.

Will you have your own homecoming? If so, check it out this weekend!


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