Saturday, August 1, 2015

Say Goodbye

In Lisa Gardner's Say Goodbye, the 6th installment in the Quincy and Rainie thriller series, she enthralled us and chilled us with this creepy and twisted thriller. For Agent Kimberly Quincy McCormack, she was five months pregnant with her first child with Mac, when there was an evil monster out there, preying on prostitutes and killing them. It all started with the disappearance and phone call from Ginny Jones. That's when she worked with GBI Agent Sal Martignetti on this most disturbing case, when Ginny was their informant and had preyed on them by helping Dinchara, a serial killer who looked like a spider himself. His backstory was creeper than before, when he was one of the missing and preyed upon. As they've gotten closer to identifying him, there was a link between then and now for one of their own, which a shocking and grim ending for sure.

This thriller most certainly gave me the creeps and a lot of chills. I would recommend it, if you have or haven't read her work before, especially reading the series in order, if not as stand-alone. I did care for Kimberly and Mac, even for Sal. I didn't like Ginny, Dinchara, or his boy minions as well. I had a liking for Rita, too. I loved the vast scenic locations in the Georgia area from the rural woods to Atlanta itself. This would give you chills, goosebumps, and a lot more in the end. Great drama with excellent suspense, intrigue, mystery and lots of non-stop action.

Before you say goodbye, give this book a try this summer!

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