Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Faithful Spy

 In Alex Berenson's espionage thriller, The Faithful Spy, the first installment of the John Wells series, he had taken him to current headlines during 9/11 and after 9/11. For John Wells, he was a spy undercover who worked with al Qaeda for over a decade to bring the end of terrorism. Though he had abandoned his family and mourned the loss of his parents, the CIA wants him caught or to bring him in, especially with Agent Jen Exley, someone he knew from the past, someone he had a growing attraction with. With a race against time to stop another terrorism attack from hitting our country, it was up to them to stop them and a bio-terrorism attack from imploding with mass casualties, before it was too late.

This was a fantastic thriller debut. I instantly cared about John Wells and Jen Exley on how the war against terrorism had impacted in their lives, then and now. I didn't like the terrorism parts, but loved how John embedded himself to secretly work with the CIA for over a decade, before he decided to come back home. I loved the locations in California, Canada, New York, and even in Afghanistan, too.  This really took you behind the scenes and center stage for everyone who worked to stop the war and to put an end to terrorism in our country. Great drama, excellent non-stop action, lots of intrigue and mystery along the way.

Will you support the faithful spy? If so, check it out today!

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