Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blood Memory

In Greg Iles's Blood Memory, the 5th installment of the Mississippi thriller series, Greg Iles thrilled us and chilled us with some horrific elements in this novel. For Cat Ferry, a forensic odontologist, she had a panic attack at a crime scene, when a serial killer had targeted a male with bite marks. That had taken her back to time to her past, and back to her home in Natchez Mississippi, when she experienced the haunted memory of her father's murder. From there, she pieced together on the past and how a serial killer wanted to speak to her. With her life on her line, she learned the dangerous truth about her hidden family secrets and what made her what she is today on shaky ground, with some damning and shocking consequences to shock her all in the end.

This was a mind-blowing and compelling thriller from Greg Iles. This would completely blow your mind and chill you to your core. I cared about Cat and Sean's relationship and didn't like her grandfather and Billy Neal. Malik creeped me out to some extent. I loved the dual locations of Natchez and New Orleans, though De Salle Island was something else altogether, like a family filled of secrets. This continued to reel me in like a big fish and had me hooked and enthralled on every single page. Great drama with plenty of non-stop action, suspense, mystery and intrigue, all wrapped up into this package.

Will you encounter your own blood memory today? If so, check it out!

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